At Amelio Designs, we have two main objectives: First, that you walk away with a gown better than the dress of your dreams and second, that your gown-creation experience leaves you feeling confident, elated and eager to embrace one of the most thrilling days of your life. Here's how it works:

Meeting 1: Your consultation
At your first meeting, your gown's design and the fabrics to be used will be discussed. From there, sketches are drawn and the details are confirmed. A quote is given within 24 hours of this meeting.

Meeting 2: Contract, payment #1 and measurements
The contract outlines the details of the gown-production process, including the due dates for each stage of your gown's completion. Upon contract signing, we ask for a non-refundable deposit equaling 33% of the gown's design and production fee (the cost of silk is not included in this fee). We'll also take your measurements at this meeting. Please bring any supportive undergarments to be worn with your gown. It's essential to take measurements with such garments for an accurate fit.

Meeting 3: Sample gown fitting
At this meeting, we'll fit your sample gown (made from cotton muslin) and make any necessary adjustments. Last-minute design adjustments can be made at this time. You'll again need your wedding-day undergarments for this meeting.

Meeting 4: Sample gown completion and payment #2
Upon confirmation that your sample gown is just how you like it, we ask for the second of three payments for your gown. Payment #2, like payment #1, equals 33% of your gown's design and production fee. If you haven't already, this is a great time to discuss which accessories will complement your wedding gown so they're ready for your next visit.

Meeting 5: Silk gown preliminary fitting
At this fitting you'll need not only your wedding-day undergarments, but also your wedding-day shoes. This is critical for the correct gown length. This meeting should take place no later than 6 weeks before your wedding.

Meeting 6: Silk gown final fitting
This meeting is held to ensure your gown fits exactly how you had envisioned. Only minor revisions will be made after your final fitting.

Meeting 7: Gown pickup and payment #3
Your final payment is due in exchange for your wedding gown. This payment equals the last 34% of the design and production fee + the cost of your gown's silk + sales tax on your entire purchase. For your convenience, we can hold your gown until the week of your wedding, regardless of this scheduled gown pickup date.

To learn more or to set up your consultation, please contact us at 312.420.6406 or email